Department: ENGLISH

Year of Establishment: 2011

Courses Offered

  • B.A
  • M.A.
  • M.Phil (Part Time and Full Time)
  • Ph.D. (Part Time)

English Language Lab: 1
No of classrooms : 5
Department Library: 1

Value Added Courses

  • Grammar Box English Hub, Coimbatore.

Faculty Details

Qualification : M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,B.Ed.,
Email : manjumadhu57@gmail.com
Mobile : 9791375110
Experience: 22 Years
Papers Published : International: 2
Seminars Attended : National: 2, International:1
Conferences Attended : International: 1
Workshops : National: 1
Research Guidance : M.Phil, Ph.D.
Specialization : Fiction
Other Responsibilities:
Convenor of Cultural Club
Convenor of Magazine Committee
Member of Literary Club
Qualification : M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,Ph.D.,
Email : 123kaviraj@gmail.com
Mobile : 9677678155
Experience : 11 Years
Seminars Attended : State: 1, National: 5, International: 1
Workshops : State: 1
Research Guidance : M.Phil
Specialization : Fiction
Other Responsibilities:
Member of women empowerment cell
Qualification : M.A.,M.Phil.,B.Ed.,
Email : santhivenkatcbe@gmail.com
Mobile : 9677524182
Experience : 10 Years
Papers Published : International: 1
Seminars Attended : State:2, National: 5, International: 1
Conferences Attended : International: 1
Workshops : State: 2
Specialization : Drama
Other Responsibilities:
Convener, Grievance Cell
Qualification : M.A.,
Email : 9843893810.sutha@gmail.com
Mobile : 9943773810
Experience : 6 Years 6 Months
Seminars Attended : International: 1
Workshops :1
Specialization : Fiction
Other Responsibilities:
Member, Equal Oppurtunities Club.
Qualification : M.A.,M.Phil.,
Email : sindhusakthi0@gmail.com
Mobile : 7373265018
Experience : 4 Years 6 Months
Papers Published : International: 5
Seminars Attended : National: 2
Conferences Attended : National: 2
Specialization : Fiction
Other Responsibilities:
Member of Nature club.
Qualification : M.A.,M.Phil.,
Email : suganyaboopathy11@gmail.com
Mobile : 8754384211
Experience : 4 Years 6 Months
Seminars Attended : National: 2
Specialization : Fiction
Other Responsibilities:
IQAC member
Member of Staff Welfare Club
Member of Alumni Association
Member of Grievance Redressal Cell
Qualification : B.Sc.,M.A.,M.Phil.,
Email : prof.preethi@gmail.com
Mobile : 9940805236
Experience : 5 Years 6 Months
Workshops: State: 1
Specialization : Fiction
Other Responsibilities:
Member of Canteen Committee.
Qualification : M.A.,B.Ed.,M.Phil.,
Email : thiyaguk18@gmail.com
Mobile : 9003441239
Experience : 4 Years 6 Months
Seminars Attended : National: 2
Workshops : National: 1
Specialization : Fiction
Other Responsibilities:
Member of youth club
Member of anti-ragging club
 Qualification : M.A.,M.Phil.,
Email : krishnasprasad1@gmail.com
Mobile : 8137864675
Experience : 4 Years 6 Months
Seminars Attended : National: 1
Workshops : National:1
Specialization : Fiction
Other Responsibilities:
Member of youth club.
Qualification : M.A.,M.Phil.,
Email : joysrathiba12@gmail.com
Mobile : 7708343445
Experience : 5 Years
Seminars Attended : National: 1
Conferences Attended : National: 3
Workshops : State: 2
Specialization : Prose
Qualification :D.T.Ed., M.A.,M.Phil.,
Email :pratheepvms@gmail.com
Mobile :7708350789
Experience : UG: 2 Years 6 Months TOTAL:2 Years 6 Months
Conferences Attended: National: 2
Workshops : State: 01
Specialization : Fiction
Qualification : M.A.,M.Phil.,
Email : sreerechu.1993@gmail.com
Mobile : 9629420195
Experience: 5 Years
Seminars Attended: State: 2 National: 4 International: 2
Workshop Attended: 7
Specialization : Fiction

University Rank Details

S. No Rank Name Course Year
1 5 Mithun Leo James M.A.English 2014-2016
2 2 Anjana V.C. M.A.English 2016-2018

Recent Activities[2019-2020]:

  • Department of English conducted a Student Development program at 11:00 am on 9.1.2021 successfully. Guest lecture was given by Mr. HARIHARAN VAYANAI SURESHBABU M.B.A., L.L.B, District President, International Legal Rights and Human Justice Council, Coimbatore, on special topic,”Human Rights”. He clearly explained about the moral principles and how to acquire fundamental rights. He also explained how Human Rights came out after II World War. He insisted that everyone should have knowledge about laws. Each one has right to ask questions against Human Abuses. Furthermore, he explained: Rights to Privacy, Rights to Nationality, Rights to Freedom, Rights to Education, Rights to Equality and so on. Moreover he concluded by saying that through proper order, we can enjoy all our freedom and belongings.

  • Department of English conducted a webinar today (19/12/2020) at 11:00 am successfully. Guest lecture was given by Ms.A.S.Sukanya, Assistant Professor of English Department from SRM Arts and Science College, Chennai, on special topic, ” Migration and Diaspora in Literature “. She wonderfully explained about the Push and Pull factors in Migration, Typesof Migration. She also quoted some examples from various characters in “The Shadow Lines”novel written by Amitav Ghosh through which he had explored the idea that borders force constrictive national and religious identities of people. She clearly pointed out the differences between Diaspora and Migration, that is: how people have scattered in different parts of the world (Diaspora) and how they move to different areas in search of settlement (Migration).

  • Department of English conducted the inauguration of English Association today (07/11/2020) at 10:30 am., successfully. Inaugural address was given by Ms.G.Bhuvneswari,the founder of, “Haha Learning” on special topic, ” Life and Literature “. She wonderfully connected Life with Literature through Keats’ poem, Ode to a Grecia Urn”, saying, “Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter”. Moreover, she cultivated an excellent relationship of connectivity to Universe not only to the students but also to all staff.

  • The department of English organized a webinar on the topic Effective Communication on 28th August. The resource person was Ms Geetha Nair , language trainer.. She belongs to Grammarbox , English Language Training Institute. Coimbatore. She emphasized the importance of effective communication..Around 100 students participated in the webinar.

  • Department of English organized a webinar on “Content Writing” on the 29th of July 11 a.m. The resource person Midhuna Dhanesh Kumar, Content Writer and Social Media Content Creator, Talent Edutainment, Kochi, an alumnus of English department had talked about content, creative writing and emphasized the role and importance of English language learning and usage in the present scenario.

  • Department of English organized a literary quiz on Shakespeare on 2nd July 2020.

  • The Department of English organized a webinar on “Social Media” on 15-05-2020. Resource Person: Mr. A. Manoj Kumar skilled video jockey and Mr. A. Karthik Gonsalves ,a veteran social activist. Both of them stressed the importance of social media.

  • The Department of English organised an online essay competition on the topic “Quarentine Diaries” on 08-05-2020 for the faculty and students.

  • Department of English conducted valedictory function on 07-03-2020, 10.30 AM. Venue: Vivekananda Hall. Chief Guest: Dr. N. Jayasree, Asst. Prof. Department of English PSGR Krishammal college for women delivered the velidictory address and she talked about literature and the nature with reference of many books which delt with nature.

  • Department of English Organized A One Day National Seminar on 07-02-2020, 10.30 AM. Chief Guest: Mr. T. Viji, Assistant Professor of English, Kristu, Jayanti College, Bangalore delivered the keynote address. He delivered the speech on the topic “Mass Communication in Modern Era”. He described the advantages of Mass Medias like Newpaper, Radio, Television and also about advantages and disadvantages of social medias like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and whatsup. He also discussed different theories such as Magic Bullet Theory in Mass Medias. The second session began at 12.30 pm with the speech of Dr.P.Malathy, Assistant Professor, Government Arts College, and Coimbatore on the topic “The Role of Advertisement in Journalism”. She described the origin of Advertisement, types of advertisement and the influence of advertisement on people. She also highlighted the Modern Advertisement and its advantages and also disadvantages.

  • Department of English conducted an Extension Activity on 28-09-2019 at C.G. Pudhur – The Debate on Democracy – Personal and Community Growth. As a part of the debate the students of our department and the people of the village actively participated in the Debate.
  • Organized a special lecture on Communication Skills on 07-08-2019. Chief Guest: Ms. Vijaya V, Language Trainer delivered a special talk on “Communication Skills”. She began her lecture by stating the importance of communicating in English. She taught the students various ways through which they can develop their language skills. She made her lecture interesting with some activities.
  • PG and Research Department of English celebrated the birthday of the English poet Alfred Lord Tennyson on 06.08.2019. Dr. A. J. Manju, Associate Professor and Head, Department of English, will delivered a special lecture on Alfred Lord Tennyson . In connection with the celebration, the department planned to conduct an Intra departmental event, Essay writing conducted. Time : 10.30 am. Venue: HS2
  • PG and Research Department of English celebrated the birthday of the eminent English novelist and poet Percy Bysshe Shelley and the French short story writer Guy De Maupassant on 5th August 2019. As part of the celebration the department conducted Intra departmental events such as Pen a Poem and Paint the Poet. Dr. A. J. Manju, Associate Professor and Head, Department of English delivered a special lecture on Percy Bysshe Shelley.
  • Organized the commemorative lecture on 19th July 2017. Chief Guest: Professor S. Veeraraghavan, Director,Winners Academy. The chief guest enlightened the students on the topic “Communication is the Way of Life”. He began his lecture by stating the importance of preparation. He taught the students various ways through which they can enrich their vocabulary.


  • Organized Inaugural function (MUSE) on 19-07-2019, 1.30 PM. Chief Guest: Mr. J. S. Sukumar, Managing Director, Udhavi Educational Consultancy Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore. Venue : Conference Hall.
  • Organised Valedictory Function on 05-03-2019, 10.30 AM. Chief Guest: Dr.Ruby Christie , Assistant Professor, Chikkanna Government College, Tirupur.

  • Organized One Day National Seminar on “Language, Literature, Applied Linguistics” on 26-02-2019, 10.30 AM. Chief Guest(s): Dr. (Prof.) C. Muralidara Kannan, PG & Research Department of English, Govt. Arts College, Coimbatore and Prof. Stephen Irudayaraj, PG & Research Department of English, Kristu Jeyanthi College, Bangalore. Venue: Vivekananda Hall.
  • Organized an intra-departmental Drama Fest on 22-02-2019, 1.30 PM. Venue: Seminar Hall.
  • Organized an inter-departmental poem writing competition in connection with International Mother Tongue day “don’t let your mother tongue die” on 21-02-2019. Venue: HS2.
  • Organized State Level Workshop on “Post Structuralism – An Overview” on 02-02-2019, 11.30 AM. Chief Guest: Dr. S. Diravidamani, Periyar University college of Arts and Science, Mettur. Venue: Conference Hall.
  • Organized Flavors of Literature on 11-01-2019. Venue: HS2.
  • Organized The Wild berry Fest on 07-01-2019. Venue: HS2.
  • Organized Intradepartmental “Best writer” competition on 02-01-2019. Venue: HS2.
  • Organized Intradepartmental competition “Just a Moment -an Extempore” on 28.12.2018. Venue: HS2.
  • Organized Workshop on “Effective Classroom Communication” for new faculties on 20.12.2018. Chief Guest: Dr. G. Bhuvaneswari, Asst Prof, Govt Arts and Science College, Coimbatore.
  • Organized Workshop on “What is the difference between journalism and mass media” on 11-12-2018. Chief Guest: Mr. Karthick Gonsalvez, Former Assistant Professor, Hindustan College of arts and science, Cbe.
  • Intra department news reading competition – Epeolatry 2018. on 15/10/2018. 1.30 PM.

    Workshop on ‘’Journey from Absurd Theatre to Third Theatre’’ on 10/10/2018. Resource Person: Ms. K.Resmi, M.A (Phd),Assistant Professor,
    PG & Research Department of English, Sri Ramakrishna Arts & Science College,
  • Inaugural function and guest lecture on “English for Excellence: Why We Study Literature?” on 07.08.2018, 10.30 AM. Chief Guest: Dr. Diwakar Thomas Associate Professor of English, Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore.



On 30.06.2017 the Department celebrated Literary Day on the topic “Globe Theatre Day”. Students delivered seminars on this topic.

  • Valedictory Function of PG and Research Department of English, SNGC The PG and Research Department of English at Sree Narayana Guru College, Chavadi, conducted its valedictory function on 02/03/2018. Mr. K.A. Pankaj Kumar, Joint Secretary, SNGET presided over the function and Dr. K.V. Surendran, Principal, SNGC felicitated the gathering. The Chief Guest Dr. Suja Mathew, Assistant Professor, NGM College, Pollachi delivered a lecture on Literary Criticism. The function came to an end with the prize distribution for the winners of various competitions held in the department.    
  • A Guest Lecture was conducted by PG & Research Department of English on 8/2/2018. The Chief Guest of the day was Dr. B. Balamayuranathan, Asst. Professor , SNR Sons College. Ms.
    Anjana V.C welcomed the gathering. Ms. Christy Evangeline introduced the Chief Guest.  The Chief Guest delivered a lecture on “ Interview Skills.” Ms. Rineesha. M delivered the vote of
  • PG and Research Department of English organized a Guest Lecture on 2.2.2018 at 10:15 am. The Principal, Dr. K.V. Surendran presided over the function and the Chief Guest, Mr. M.A. Inba Vignesh delivered a lecture on Creative Writing.
  • Extension activity on 29.06.2017. Lecture on Communicative English and Dialogue Practice to the final year students of EEE and Mechanical Engineering students of Sree Narayana Guru Polytechnic College, Coimbatore.
  • Extension activity on 30.06.2017. Spoken English Coaching (Action Songs, Rhymes and Basic Sentence formation) for the primary students of Government School, C.G. Pudur, K.G. Chavadi, Coimbatore.
  • Extension activity on 07.07.2017. Basic Grammar for the primary students of Government School, C.G. Pudur, K .G .Chavadi, Coimbatore.
  • Extension activity on 11.07.2017. A rally on World Population Day was organized by the students and faculty members.
  • Extension activity on 13.07.2017. Communication Skills and Interview techniques to the final year students of Mechanical Engineering students of Sree Narayana Guru Polytechnic College, Coimbatore.
  • Literary Day Celebration on 30.06.2017. Seminar on “Globe Theatre Day”.
  • Guest Lecture titled “English as a Career” on 13.07.2017.  Chief Guest: Mr. E. K. Girisan, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science.

    • On 01.08.2016 the Inauguration of the Association was organised. The Chief guest was Mr K S Suresh, SAP Consultant.
    • A Guest lecture on “Activity-Based Language Learning ” was organised on 26.08.2016.
    • An Intra-departmental competition “Cresta “was organised on 28.12.2016.
    • A Guest lecture on “The study of poetry ” was organised on 10.02.2017.
    • The Valediction of the department was conducted on 10.03.2017 with a guest lecture by Dr Dravidamani on the topic “The importance of English language in the field of Education”.
    • A visit to an old an age home at Ganapathy, Coimbatore was organised on 14.03.2017 as part of the extension activity.
    • A rally was organised on 08.03.2017 highlighting “Women Empowerment”.


     University Rank:   PG : 1


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Email : sngc@snget.org,
Phone : +91 422 2656840, 2656527