International Business

Department: International Business

Year of Establishment: MIB / M.Com (IB) – 1999 B.Com (IB) – 2013

Courses offered:

  • B.Com. IB
  • M.Com. IB

The Department has 5 class rooms and a department library with more than 250 text books and 15 e – books.

Value Added Courses

  • MoU signed with Park Business Services for Value Added Courses on “Tally Certificate Program” on 14-06-2019.

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Faculty Profile

Qualification : MFT.,M.Phil.,DEM.,DCFL&M.,MBA.,Ph.D.,
Email :
Mobile : 9943437749
Experience : UG: 13 Years, PG: 16 Years, TOTAL: 16 Years
Papers Published : State: 1,National: 2, International: 18
Seminars Attended : National: 6, International: 1
Conferences Attended : National: 10, International: 5
Research Guidance: M.Phil
Specialization : International Marketing
Qualification : MIB.,MBA.,M.Phil.,
Email :
Mobile : 9497870895
Experience : UG: 2 Years, PG: 2 Years, Total: 2 Years
Papers Published : National:2
Seminars Attended : National: 3, international: 3
Conferences Attended : National: 2
Workshops: National:1
Specialization : Marketing
Qualification : M.Com.,M.Phil.,
Email :
Mobile :9495529955
Experience : UG: 1 Year 6 Months, PG: 6 Months, Total: 1 Year 6 Months
Papers Published : National:2
Seminars Attended : National: 3
Conferences Attended : National: 2
Specialization : Marketing
Shainy Thomas
Qualification : M.Com.(IB).,M.Phil.,
Email :
Mobile : 9746069274

Experience:UG:6 Months,PG 6 Months Total 6 Months
Papers Published : National: 1
Seminars Attended : State: 1, National: 1
Workshops : State: 1
Specialization : International Marketing
Qualification : MIB.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D).,
Email :
Mobile : 8848923450

Experience:UG:6 Months,PG 6 Months Total 6 Months
Papers Published : National: 1 International: 1
Conferences Attended : International: 1
Workshops: State: 1
Specialization : Marketing
Qualification : MBA.,M.Com., MLM., Ph.D.
Email :
Mobile : 9442365097
Papers Published: International: 1
Seminar Attended: State: 1

University Rank

S.No Rank Name Course Batch
1 1 Renjitha K A B.Com (IB) 2013 – 2016
2 2 Sruthy Raj A B.Com (IB) 2013 – 2016
3 4 Shefna H B.Com (IB) 2013 – 2016
4 1 Shalu Swaminathan B.Com (IB) 2014 – 2017
5 2 Sruthi N B.Com (IB) 2014 – 2017
6 3 Nithya A B.Com (IB) 2014 – 2017
7 1 Kousalya N B.Com (IB) 2015 – 2018
8 2 Soundarya K B.Com (IB) 2015 – 2018
9 3 Shobith M B.Com (IB) 2015 – 2018
10 5 Akshay Dev A D B.Com (IB) 2015 – 2018
11 6 Krishnaveni S B.Com (IB) 2015 – 2018
12 7 Anju B B.Com (IB) 2015 – 2018
13 8 Vrinda S B.Com (IB) 2015 – 2018
14 1  Prakasini K B.Com (IB) 2016 – 2019
15 2  Safiya S B.Com (IB) 2016 – 2019
16 3  Jisha R B.Com (IB) 2016 – 2019
17 4  Surya R B.Com (IB) 2016 – 2019
18 5  Ajith T B.Com (IB) 2016 – 2019
19 6  Gopika H B.Com (IB) 2016 – 2019


S.No Rank Name Course Batch
1 5 Sini Abraham M.Com (IB) 2001 – 2003
2 7 Praveena M M.Com (IB) 2002 – 2004
3 8 Praveen S M.Com (IB) 2004 – 2006
4 3 Savitha T A M.Com (IB) 2005 – 2007
5 6 Nitha K Thomas M.Com (IB) 2007 – 2009
6 10 Dhanya V M.Com (IB) 2007 – 2009
7 5 Mini V M.Com (IB) 2008 – 2010
8 3 Nayana K V M.Com (IB) 2009 – 2011
9 7 Greeshma K M.Com (IB) 2009 – 2011
10 1 Sailekha M.Com (IB) 2013 – 2015
11 2 Jessy A M.Com (IB) 2013 – 2015
12 7 Amritha B M.Com (IB) 2015 – 2017
13 1 Renjitha K A M.Com (IB) 2016 – 2018
14 2 Shafiya S M.Com (IB) 2016 – 2018
15 2 Shalu Swaminathan M.Com (IB) 2017 – 2019
16 4 Adarsa K M.Com (IB) 2017 – 2019
17 6 Nithya A M.Com (IB) 2017 – 2019
18 9 Sruthy M M.Com (IB) 2017 – 2019


Recent Activities[2019-2020]:

  • Department of Commerce (International Business) organised a Webinar on “Impact of Digital Marketing on Business Performance” on Friday, the 17th July 2020.
    The resource person was Mr. K. Karthi, Digital Marketing Analyst, IPCS Global, Coimbatore He highlighted that Digital marketing is one of the strategies used by firms for marketing communication and products promotion. He also added that Digital marketing contributes to the marketing mix by connecting with clients and creating leads to new business opportunities. With the increasing levels of globalization, business organizations have faced significant competition in dynamic business environments. In this regard, most businesses have developed new technologies to improve their business operations and strategies, hence achieving competitive advantage.
    He also emphasized that however, the use of digital technologies in marketing is debatable. Some social media networks, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have become important sites to create awareness for new products and services, communicate with existing and potential consumers as well as collaborate with a wide range of stakeholders to improve business performance. It is important to investigate the impact of digital marketing on carrying out the business in order to encourage organizations to take advantage of such new opportunities to achieve competitive advantage in the current competitive world.

  • Department of Commerce (International Business) in association with ACS Capital Market Academy organized a Webinar on “Financial Wellness during Covid Times” on Saturday, the 04th July 2020 at 11.00 am.
    The resource person was Mr.K. Thangaraj, Faculty – ACS Capital Market Academy, Coimbatore. He highlighted the avenues for savings and investment and also gave tips for Financial planning especially during the Covid crisis.

  • A Two Day faculty development programme was jointly organised by Department of Commerce (International Business) & Research Committee on “Quantitative and Qualitative Methods of Research” on 06.06.2020 & 07.06.2020 (Saturday and Sunday) between 11.00 am and 1.00 pm.
    Resource Person: Dr. Rekha B. Raveendran
    Post Doctoral Researcher Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment. The first session was on Quantitative Research in which the characteristics, philosophical assumptions, types, goals and reporting of Quantitative research was discussed. The resource person emphasized the importance of Quantitative Research. The second session was on Qualitative Research in which the types, data collection and data analysis of Qualitative Research and the differences between Qualitative and Quantitative research was discussed.

  • A Student Development Program was organised through Google Meet on “Test Anxiety and Stress Management in Lockdown Period”” on Sunday, the 24th May 2020 was arranged. The Resource Person was Dr. Rekha B Raveendran, Post Doctoral Researcher, Kerala State Council for Science, Environment & Technology. The Resource Person discussed about the physiological conditions in which people experience extreme stress, anxiety, and discomfort during and/or before taking a test. She also briefed the remedies and solutions to overcome the anxiety and stress.

  • A Webinar on “Understanding International Business during Covid Times” on Saturday, the 16th May 2020 between 11 am and 12.30 pm was organized through Google Meet Platform. Mr Arun Prasad, Vice President – NHRD and Mr Antony, Marine Engineer were the Resource Persons. Mr Arun Prasad emphasized on the employment avenues for International Business students in the job market. Mr Antony discussed about the challenges faced by the logistics industry during Covid Times and the future of logistics industry and International Business domain. Both the Resource Persons had a good interaction with the students and it was an eye opener for the students. The students and faculty enthusiastically participated in the Webinar

  • A Webinar through Zoom App on “Logistics Industry Today” on Monday, the 27th April 2020 was arranged. The Resource Person was Mr N Vijayakumar, Director, PVR & Co., Chennai. The Resource Person discussed about the present situation of Logistics Industry, the challenges faced by the industry, the measures to overcome the situation and also the future of Logistics Industry. It was an eye-opener for the faculty and the students and an apt topic during the Pandemic Covid 19 crisis.

  • The first year PG students visited Vallarpadam Container Terminal (DP World), Kochi as a part of their Industrial Visit on Thursday, the 27th February 2020. They had a very good knowledge on Container Terminal Operations, Containerized Cargo handled and the formalities executed in the Terminal.

  • Valedictory function was organized with a guest lecture on “Skills for Industry 4.0” on Wednesday, the 26th February 2020. Resource Person: Mr. Siju Rajan, Founder & Director – Advaith Academy, Kerala. He spoke on the skills like Technology ready, Leadership, Will Power, Team building etc., are required in the present context so that the students can be Industry ready.

  • Organized a Workshop on Export & Import Documentation for the final year UG & PG students on 19-02-2020, 10.30 AM. Resource Person: Mr. N. Vijayakumar, Director, PVR & Co., Chennai. The students came to know about the types of documents used in foreign trade, its implications and how the documents can be filed and filled.

  • The final year UG students were taken for an Industrial Visit to Cochin Port Trust, Willingdon Island, Kochi on Friday, the 14th February 2020. The students had a chance to interact with the officials and gained practical insight about the Port Operations, Major commodities exported / imported, Customs clearance formalities etc., Ms C Jissy, Assistant Professor, accompanied the students.
  • The Department of Commerce (International Business) Organized a Workshop on “Vision Ur Goal” for the final year UG students on 11-02-2020. Venue: Conference Hall. Resource Person: Mr D Ganesh, Freelance Trainer, Trichy. He conducted the Workshop on Goal Setting, Working with an Action plan and related areas. He highlighted that goals must be SMART. He also added that time and resources must be productively used and focus on one’s efforts in order to be successful.

  • Parents’ Teachers’ Meeting was organized. More than 35 Parents’ came for the meeting. Matters like Discipline issues, Result Analysis, Attendance Statement of the students during December and January, Administrative matters and action plan of the department were discussed. Reviewed the activities that were conducted during the Odd Semester.

  • The I year & II year Undergraduate students were taken for an Industrial Visit to Malabar Cements, Walayar, Kerala. The students had an insight about the operations of the company, the manufacturing process, marketing activities, the packing mechanism.

  • An Extension Activity was organized to create an awareness on the quality of Civic Responsibility among youths at C G Pudur Village, K.G.Chavadi on Friday, the 24th January 2020. Dr G Bijeesh Pushpa, Assistant Professor coordinated the event.

  • The Departments of Commerce, Commerce CA & Commerce IB of Sree Narayana Guru College jointly organized a National Conference on “Changing Global Economic Scenario: Strategies for Business Sustainability” on Thursday, the 30th January 2020 in Vivekananda Hall.
    Dr M Ilangovan, Principal delivered the Presidential Address. Dr D Kalpana, Director – Commerce & Management offered her felicitation.
    Mr Balachandran Kodandath, Proprietor, Mythree Agri Solutions, Tamilnadu & Kerala delivered the inaugural address. He emphasized the current economic status of India and also added that a projected stabilization in energy and commodity prices may provide a small tail wind for resource rich economies in 2021, but the medium-term trend continues to be dominated by weaker growth in key inputs notably investment and labour supply.
    Dr S Sivagnanam, Assistant Professor of Commerce, Government Arts College, Coimbatore handled the first technical session on “Emerging Business Models for Sustainability”. He narrated the six ways to build a sustainable business.
    The second session was chaired by Dr K Byju, Principal, Allied Management College, Ottapalam, Kerala. He delivered a lecture on “Integrated Financial Markets in the Globalized Environment”. He added that the recent developments in financial markets are:Money Markets, Short-term Interest Rates, Government Bond Yields, Foreign Exchange Markets, Equity Markets, Derivative Markets and Exchange-traded Derivatives.

  • The final year UG students went for an Industrial Visit to Haynes Technologies, Mysuru and Tour to Chikmangaluru and Coorg from 18-09-2019 to 20-09-2019 (3 Days).

  • All India Teachers’ Day Contest – 2019 is organized by the Department of Commerce (International Business) in association with Park Business Services, Coimbatore. On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, an All India Contest for College Students, called the “Teacher’s Day – Best Message Contest – 19” is proposed to be conducted. The contest aims to encourage students to express their love and gratitude towards their teachers in the form of a message to them. As part of this nationwide drive to celebrate the contribution of teachers to the society, the contest is conducted.
  • The students of Commerce (International Business Department) went to CG Pudur village, K.G.Chavadi on Friday, the 27th September 2019 between 1.30 pm & 3.00 pm as part of their extension activity and met the villagers. The talk was about the impact of the usage of plastic products and how to avoid plastics in our day to day life.
  • An MoU signed with Ideal Centre for Competitive Exams, Chittur on 21-08-2019. Mr. Sayed Subahan, Director, Ideal Centre for Competitive Exams, Chittur exchanged the MoU with Dr. M. Ilangovan, Principal.
  • Conducted Alumni Meet on Wednesday 14-08-2019. Venue: College Premises.
  • Department of Commerce(International Business) organised its 21st Inauguration function of the Association on Wednesday, the 07-08-2019 in the Conference Hall at 10.30 AM. Chief Guest: Mrs. S. Chitra, Director, Annamalai Capital Services, Coimbatore inaugurated the function with a special talk on “Building a Career in Financial Market”.
  • Organized a special talk on “Contemporary Business Practices in Kerala” as a part of the Commemorative Lecture Series in connection with the 25th Silver Jubilee Celebrations 24-07-2019. Chief Guest: Prof. S. Rajasekaran Nair, Secretary, Chetoor Sankaran Nair Foundation, Kerala.
  • PG and II B.Com. IB students went to Industrial Visit on “Agri Intex 2019” on 12-07-2019 at Codissia Trade Fair Complex, Coimbatore.
  • Signed an MoU with Mr. Satheesh, Annamalai Capital Services, Coimbatore on 12-07-2019.
  • Final year UG students Went One day Industrial visit to Air Cargo Complex, Coimbatore International Airport, Coimbatore on 10-07-2019. Resource Person: Mr. Subramaniam, Manager, Air Cargo Complex interacted with the students and briefed about the operations of the Air Cargo Complex.
  • Organized a Seminar on Prospects in Aviation Industry on 07-07-2019. Resource Person: Mr M Karthikeyan, Aviation Industry.
  • Organized Orientation Programme on “Export & Import Management” on 01-07-2019. Resource Person: Mr. N Vijayakumar, Director, PVR & Co., Chennai.
  • Signed MoU with PVR & Co., Chennai to provide training on the recent developments in International Business to the final year PG students.
  • Organized Parents Teacher’s Meeting on 22-06-2019. Venue: Conference Hall.
  • Orientation Program on “Tally ERP 9.0” was organized for the final year UG students on 19-06-2019, 1.30 PM. Resource Person(s): Mr Karthik Shankar, General Manager & Mr Joel Andrews, Manager (Team), Park Business Services, Coimbatore.
  • Organized Orientation on “Employability Skills” on 18-06-2019, 1.30 PM. Resource Person: Dr. Samuel Churchill, Founder, Director, GETSETGO Training Solutions, Cbe. Venue: Smart Class Room.
  • MoU signed with Park Business Services for Value Added Courses on “Tally Certificate Program” on 14-06-2019.


  • Organized the Valedictory function with a guest lecture on “Innovation and Technological Leadership” on Wednesday, the 20th February 2019. Dr. S.Periyasamy, Senior Manager – Operations, EKARUP & Counselor – NISM (Mumbai) was the chief guest.
  • IB Utsav – Eblouissants 2019 – An Inter Departmental Fest was organized on Friday, the 15th February 2019 in which Food fest and Games were conducted.Dr. M. Ilangovan, Principal inaugurated the function.
  • The final year UG students were taken to Gedee Car Museum, Coimbatore on Friday, the 07th February 2019.
  • Organized a National Conference on Commerce 360° (NCC 2019) in association with PG & Research Department of Commerce on Wednesday, the 06th February 2019. The Chief guests were Dr.Jegadeeshwaran, Associate Professor, Bharathiar University, Dr. V.A. Ajay, Principal, KR’s Sree Narayana College, Malappuram District and Dr.C. Saneesh, Assistant Professor & Head, NSS Vyasa College, Wadakkanchery.
  • The I & II PG students were taken to Cochin Port Trust, Container Freight Station & Transworld Logistics Company Ernakulam on Monday & Tuesday, the 04th & 05th February 2019.
  • Organized a Unique Grooming Training Programme with Ripe Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd., & The Hindu, Gillette and Microsoft on Monday, the 28th January 2019. The Resource Person was Ms.D.Sabareesh, Freelance Trainer.
  • Organized a guest lecture on “Application of Tally ERP 9.0 in GCC Countries” on Monday, the 10th December 2018. The Resource person was Mr. Meyyappan Gandhi, Assistant Regional Manager, Tally Education Pvt Ltd., Chennai.
  • Organized On Campus Interview for offering Part time jobs to I & II PG students on 12-10-2018. Resource Person: Mr.R.Raja, Chief Career Architect, Spark Our Resources, Coimbatore.
  • Outbound Training Program at Corniche Inn Resort, Anaikatti on 29-09-2018 for II PG, III UG and II UG students.
  • Industrial Visit to Precot Meridian Ltd., Walayar on 26-09-2018 for The II PG, I PG and I UG students.
  • Organized Orientation Program on “Attitude towards Employability” on 11-09-2018, 1.30 PM. Chief Guest: Mr.R.Raja, CEO, Spark our Resources, Coimbatore.
  • Organized an All India Best Message Contest – 2018 in association with Park Business Services, Coimbatore on the occasion of Teacher’s Day (05-09-2018).
  • MoU Signed with Mr. Karthik Shankar, General Manager, Park Business Services on 30-08-2018, Coimbatore. 
  • Extension Activities on “Herbal Garden Cleaning” on 30-08-2018.
  • Extension Activities to create awareness about the importance of breast feeding among rural women at C.G.Pudur village on 03-08-2018.
  • Inaugural Function and Guest Lecture on “Growth in Logistics Industry” on 02-08-2018. Chief Guest: Mr. Guru Narayanan, General Manager – Operations, Lakshmi Cargo Company Ltd., Coimbatore. Venue: Vivekananda Hall.
  • I UG, I and II PG students went for Book Exhibition at Codissia Trade Fair Complex, Cbe on 27-07-2018.
  • Organized an Orientation Program on “Employability Skills” on 26-07-2018, 10 AM. Resource Person: Mr. Gokul Narayanan, Senior Manager, Deen Dayal
    Upadhyaya Grameen Koushal Yojana, Quess Corp Ltd., Palakkad.
  • Organized a Training Module on “Applications of Tally ERP 9.0” on 19-07-2018, 10 AM. Resource Person: Mr. Karthik, Sales Manager, Park
    Business Services, Cbe.
  • Organized a Training Module on “Mind Mapping” on 11-07-2018, 2 PM. Resource Person: Ms. Preksha R Doshi, Head of the Department,
    Department of Psychology, SNGC, Cbe.
  • Organized a Training Module on “Life Skills” on 03-07-2018, 10 AM. Resource Person(s): Mr. V. S. Praveen & Mr.R.Praveen, Corporate Trainers, Innovative HR & Training Services Pvt. Ltd., Cbe.

  • Organized Parent Teachers Meeting on 23-06-2018 10 AM. Venue: Old Library Hall.
  • Organized Workshop on “Social Etiquettes and Motivation” on 21-06-2018 10 AM. Venue: Vivekananda Hall. Chief Guests: Dr.Preetham, Mr.Deepak, Ms.Prabha & Ms.Vidhya, Corporate Trainers, Voice Academy, Coimbatore.


  • The I year B.Com (IB) students were taken for Industrial Visit to Malabar Cements on Wednesday, the 03.01.2018. The students had an interaction with the officials and they explained
    the manufacturing process, rules and regulations of the Organization. Dr.M.Saravanan & Ms.T.Vasumathi, Assistant Professors accompanied the students.


  • Guest Lecture entitled “Classroom etiquettes” was organized on 09.01.2018 at 10.30 A.M in Vivekananda Hall. Chief Guest: Dr.Devi Premnath, Associate Professor, Sree Narayana Guru Institute of Management Studies, Coimbatore.


  • Abdul Azeez U.P, Anandu Boban, Fayiz.K, Noufal P.N of III B.Com (IB), Amjad Khan, Mohammed Shefeek of II B.Com (IB)  and Ajith Kumar of I B.Com (IB) secured III place in the Football tournament during the 14th South Indian Inter College Sree Narayana Guru Trophy Football tournament held on 09.01.2018.


  • Farshad.N of I M.Com (IB) has been selected to attend the State Coaching Camp for representing the Kerala State team in the National Football Championship for Santosh Trophy 2017 – 2018.


  • Chaithre of I B.Com (IB) won 1st place in the Kerala State Level Roll Ball Championship – Skating held at Kollam between 12.01.2018 & 13.01.2018.                             
  • The final year B.Com (IB) students were taken for Industrial Visit to Air Cargo Complex, Coimbatore International Airport, Coimbatore on Tuesday, the 23.01.2018. The students had an interaction with the officials and they explained the export procedures, import procedures and gained practical exposure about the mode of operations.


  • Awareness Programme on “Disseminate the information about the Philosophy and Service” to CG Pudur village on 31-07-2017.
    Life Skills
  • Awareness Programme on “How to save drinking water” to CG Pudur village on 06-07-2017.
    Life Skills
  • Seminar on “If you want to Shine like a Sun, first burn like it” on 05.07.2017, 2 PM. Chief Guest: Dr.P. Pon Meenakshi, Associate Professor, SNGIMS.
  • Seminar titled “Impressive Ways For Better Life” on 03.07.2017, 10.30 AM in Vivekananda Hall. Chief Guest: Dr.Devi Premnath, Associate Professor, SNGIMS.
    Life Skills
  • Awareness Programme on “skill development to young people” to CG Pudur village on 30-06-2017.
    Life Skills
  • Seminar on “Life Skills” on 20-06-2017. Chief Guest: Dr. K. B. Radhakrishnan, Head,Department of Psychology, SNGC.
  • Seminar on “Benefits of GST implementation in India” on 15-06-2017. Chief Guest: Dr. P. Radhakrishnan, Associate Professor & Head, SNGIMS.
  • Observed World Oceans Day on 08-06-2017. Inter department competition on the topic “Our Oceans, Our Future”.


  • Outbound Training Programme for the students at Anaikatty on 02-07-2016.
  • Session on “Personal Grooming” on 22-07-2016.
  • Inter-Department Quiz Competition for Final Year UG students of all disciplines on 10-08-2016.
  • Inter-Department Quiz competition on 12-08-2016 on the eve of Independence Day celebrations.
  • Inauguration and Guest Lecture on “”Emotional Intelligence” on 16-08-2016. Chief Guest: Mr.A.K.Arun Prasath, Director, Astros Educational Institute.
  • Inter-Department Quiz Competition (Finals) 24-08-2016.
  • Orientation Programme on “IRDA and its prospects” on 20-09-2016. Chief Guests: Mr.Prasath V.R, Development Officer and Ms.SreeVidhya, Branch Manager, LIC of India.
  • Seminar on “Insurance – Boon or Bane” on 30-01-2017. Chief Guests: Mr.M.G.Ramachandran, Chief Manager, A.Paramanandam, Asst. Branch Manager, Ms. Sreevidhya, Branch Manager and Mr.V.R.Prasath, Development Officer.
  • Logistician’s Week between 06-02-2017 and 10-02-2017.
S.No Date Topic Resource Person
1 06.02.17 Documentation in Logistics Management Mr.M.Nagarajan, Director, Manasa Impex Services, Coimbatore




Career Avenues in Aviation Mr.M.Karthikeyan, Senior Customer Service Assistant & Mr.Anand, Senior Cargo Service Assistant, Jet Airways, Coimbatore


08.02.17 Career Opportunities in Logistics & Shipping Capt. S. Baskaran, Manager, Indian Institute of Logistics, Coimbatore


09.02.17 Inventory Management in Logistics & Supply Chain Mr.R.Senthil Kumar, Team Leader, E.Com Express, Coimbatore


10.02.17 Supply Chain Strategy Alignment Mr.S.Karthik Prabhu, Logistics Associate, SKS Freight Systems, Coimbatore
    • A Research Forum was organized on 10th February 2017 to intricate the research skills of the students. Karthik Menon – III B.Com IB, Shalu Swaminathan – III B.Com IB, Aiswarya – I M.Com IB and Dakshina.S – I M.Com IB presented research articles related to International Business and its areas.
    • The I year B.Com IB students were taken for Industrial visit to Malabar Cements, Walayar on 17th February 2017. An interactive session was arranged with the officials of Malabar Cements and the students came to know about the functions of a public limited enterprise.
    • The Valedictory function was organised on Wednesday, the 08th March 2017. The Chief Guest was Mr.R.Raja, Chief Career Architect, Spark Our Resources, Coimbatore. He delivered a lecture on “Attitude determines Altitude”.  

Achievements by Staff:

  • Dr.M Saravanan, Assistant Professor acted as a resource person during a rural camp “Swasthya 2017” organised by the PG and Research Department of Social Work on 20th February 2017. He gave a motivational talk to High school students.        

Achievements by Students:

  • Ajith Kumar.A of II B.Com (IB) and his friend has developed several apps for android phone users and the apps have received world wide recoginition. Some of which are
  • SNGC : It is an Android Application for Student and Staffs, to Share news, events and more things. By using this Application we can keep the students Updated.
  • Sticky NOTES : Sticky Notes is our very new app which is released at 3rd of November 2016. A Simple app with Powerful Features at Android Platform.

Blue Light Filter PRO:

  • Blue Light Filter is our first app that we launched in google play. Blue light Filter helps to protect our eyes from blue light that coming from phone, saves battery around 15% also we have 6 colors for reading mode.

PDF tools:

  • To work with pdf files we had created this application. This app is very simple this performs 6 different works. They are – Create PDF Documents from Images, We Can Write Our Own PDF Document, Extract Images from PDF Document, Merge 2 PDF Files to Single PDF File, Convert Text Files to PDF Document, Convert PDF Document to Text Files. This app got 2500+ downloads and supports 18 International Languages… and 1st place in Google Play Search ranking…

Sivavakkiyam and 63 Nayanmars:

This app reached more than 5000 downloads with 4.9 Ratings in short period… Sivavakkiyam is a Siddhas Song with its meanings. 63 Nayanmars Contains Story’s with their Images. 63 Nayanmars was launched on 12-10-2016.

  • Karthik Menon, and Sujith Sasi.M of III B.Com (IB) participated in Adzap and won 1st place organized by PSG Arts & Science College, Coimbatore held on 24th February 2017.

Sports achievements:

  • Nithin B of I B.Com (IB) participated and secured 3rd place in 50 M Butterfly swimming during the Inter – Collegiate Tournaments,  Bharathiar University, Coimbatore and secured 3rd place in Event: 200 M Individual Medley held on September  1, 2016 at Bharathiar University College, Erode.
  • Rashif P.N, Salman Faris, Shifin of I M.Com (IB) Abdul Azeez U.P, Fayiz, Noufal, Anandu Boban of II B.Com (IB) and Mohammed Shahid, Amjad Khan A.K of I B.Com (IB) secured 3rd place in the Football tournament, C Zone, held on 9th September 2016 at Nehru Arts & Science College, Coimbatore.
  • Rashif P.N, Salman Faris, Shifin of I M.Com (IB) Abdul Azeez U.P, Fayiz, Noufal, Anandu Boban of II B.Com (IB) and Mohammed Shahid, Amjad Khan A.K of I B.Com (IB) secured 3rd place in the Football tournament, held between 08th and 10th February 2017 at Bishop Heber College, Trichy.
  • Ashick Anil of I B.Com (IB), secured 1st place in 200 M Running Race below 19 years category on the eve of Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi Competitions.
  • Ashick Anil of I B.Com (IB), secured 3rd place in 100 M Running Race below 19 years category on the eve of Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi Competitions.
  • Ashick Anil of I B.Com (IB) secured second place in Long Jump Below 19 years category on the eve of Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi Competitions.
  • Anandu Boban, II B.Com (IB) secured first place in Short Put Below 19 years category on the eve of Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi Competitions.
  • Noufal P.N of II B.Com (IB) secured 3rd place in 400 M Running Race below 19 years category on the eve of Sree Narayana Guru Jayanthi Competitions.

University Ranks (inception) UG: 3 PG: 11


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