Campus Life

 Cultural Club

Convener:  Ms. D.Priyadarshini, (Asst. Prof. of Computer Science)

Contact number:9944711966  

Email id:

Recent Activities:

Republic Day was celebrated in our college on 26th Jan., 2018. Shri T S Harish Kumar, Secretary, SNGET hoisted our National Flag.


On the 11th of January, 2018, Pongal Celebrations were conducted.




Inter-School cultural programme was organized on 14.10.2017.





Two day Inter-collegiate cultural programme “CREDISE 2017” was organized on 12.10.2017 and 13.10.2017.







Graduation Day 2017

On the 15th of October, 2017, Sree Narayana Guru College, K.G. Chavadi, Coimbatore conducted its 8th Graduation Ceremony. Shri. Sunil Haridass, Chairman, Sree Narayana Guru Educational Trust, Dr.T.R.Krishnan, Vice Chairman, SNGET, Shri.T.S.Harish Kumar, Secretary, SNGET, Shri.K.A.Pankaj Kumar, Joint Secretary, SNGET, and Shri.M.P.Vijayan, Treasurer, SNGET were present for the graduation ceremony. The programme commenced with the welcome address by Dr. K.V. Surendran, Principal, Sree Narayana Guru College. Shri. Sunil Haridass, Chairman, SNGET, presided over the function and delivered the presidential address. 
The Chief Guest Dr. C. Ramasamy, Former Vice Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore delivered the graduation day address. After expressing his appreciation towards the SNGET members for their service towards the student community he spoke about the importance of education and its significance in the development of the nation and the upliftment of the rural masses. He said life is full of hurdles but success comes to those who keep working. He stated that it is not about where you are from, but where you are at that matters. He concluded saying that education must not stop with the graduation ceremony, but must be a lifelong practice. Following this, degrees were conferred upon the students. A total of 565 graduates, out of which 451 were Under Graduates and 114 were Post Graduates, received their degrees. 24 graduates secured university ranks.



Ethics Club

Convener: Ms.  G.Maheswari  (Asst. Prof. of Computer Science )

Contact Number:   9585170755

Email id:

Recent Activities:

  • Inaugural Function and Seminar “Food Ethics” on 18-09-2017, 1.30 PM. Chief Guest: Mr. R. Sankara Narayanan, Managing Trustee, Inaikum Kaigal, Coimbatore.


  • Inaugural function- DO’S AND DON’T’S on 11/08/16 at Vivekananda Hall by Dr.Devi Premnath, Associate Professor, SNGIMS.
  • Valedictory function-“Behaving Ethically-The Tone at the Top” on 09/03/2017 at Conference Hall by Dr.P.Ponmeenakshi, Associate Professor, SNGIMS.


Green Campus

Convener: Dr. V. Jeyanthi (Associate Professor of Mathematics)

Contact Number:   9655944113

Email id:


  • Planted nearly 100 saplings in and around the campus.
  • Inaugurated the committee in association with nature club on 31.08.16.
  • Cleaned the campus in association with nature club and NSS.
  • Conducted an awareness rally on “Plastic Free Campus” on 13th Feb- 2017.


Media and Photography Club

Convener:  Mr.Vinoth Kumar V ( Asst. Prof.  of Microbiology)

Contact Number:  97508 57961

Email id:


  • Inauguration by Dr. Radha , Head , Department of VISCOM, Dr.G.R.D College of Science,Coimbatore
  • Valedictory by Dr. P.Jayakumar, Associate Prof, SNGIMS, Coimbatore


Nature Club

Convener:   Ms. V  Vidhya (Asst. Prof. of   Commerce)

Contact Number :   9486588856

Email id :


1 Inauguration of Nature Club         &         

 Lecture on Tree plantation &Nature education

2 Plantation of saplings in college campus
3 Garden cleaning by the nature club student volunteers
4 Medicinal  Saplings were  planted
5 Making green and clean campus
6 Awareness rally for plastic free in college campus 
7 Valedictory of Nature Club


Science Club    

Convener : Dr.K.Narayanasamy (Associate Prof. of Biochemistry)

Contact Number : 9894235836

Email id :

Activities (2016-17):

  • Inauguration of Science Club and a seminar on “An Overview of Cancer” on 21.09.2016 at Vivekananda Hall at 2.00 pm by V.K. Gopalakrishnan, Professor and Head, Dept. of Biochemistry, Karpagam University, Coimbatore-641 021.


Women Empowerment Cell

Convener:  Dr. P. Saravanakumari  (Asst. Prof. of Microbiology)

Contact number: 94423 86269

Email id:

Recent Activities (2017-18):

  1. A Guest lecture on “Basics in Cancer Care” was organised on 15.02.2018 at 2. 00 p.m. The Chief Guest for the programme was Dr. Varadarajan Kumar, MBBS, MRCP (UK)., FRCR (UK).,Consultant Medical and Radiation Oncologist,
    Kovai Medical Center Hospital,Coimbatore.

Activities (2016-17):

  1. Guest lecture on “Basics in Cancer Care”
    Date: 15.02.2018 at 2. 00 p.m 
    Chief Guest: Dr. Varadarajan Kumar, MBBS, MRCP (UK)., FRCR (UK).,
    Consultant Medical and Radiation Oncologist,
    Kovai Medical Center Hospital,
  2. Inauguration of Women Empowerment Cell on 30th August 2016 by Dr. D. Parasakthi, Head, of Commerce with Corporate Secretaryship, Dr. N G P College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore and presented a lecture on Does the equal half has the equal rights.
  3. Guest lecture cum workshop on “Kalari – an art for health and self-defence for Women”, by Mr. C. Muralidharan, Trainer, CVN Kalari, Puthur, Palakkad on 31st January 2017, 30 p.m.
  4. Special lecture on the topic Personality grooming for girls by Mrs. Harini Priyadharshini, PRO & Trainer, Hindustan Lever Ltd. Rexona Products, on 11th Feb 2017, 30 p.m.
  5. Valedictory function on the title Adoring the artistic values in Women by Mrs. Sasmitta K Aroraa, Directress, SHANKARAM – Institute for Music and Dance, Coimbatore, on 8th March 2017, 10. 30 a.m.
  6. Awareness rally on “Gender equality” on 8th March 2017, 2.30 p.m.


Sree Narayana Guru Youth Club

Convener:  Mr. J. Santhosh  (Asst. Prof. of Computer Science)

Contact number:   8220411444

Email id:

Recent Activities:

On 16th of August, 2017, the inauguration of Sree Narayana Guru Youth Club. The chief guest of the function, Sri. SatChidAnanda Saraswati, Co-Founder, House of Gem of Though, Coimbatore, delivered the inaugural address. 




Activities (2016-17):

  1. Inauguration of Sree Narayana Guru Youth Club on 17th August 2016, by Swami Sunil Das, Founder, Sneham Charitable Trust, Muthalamada, Palakkad.
  2. Sree Narayana Guru Jeyanthi Celebration on 6th September 2016 at C. G. Pudhur Village, presided by Shri. T. S. Harish Kumar, Secretary, SNGET.
  3. One day trip to Sneham Charitable Trust, Muthalamada on 13th February 2017, a special lecture on “Education and peaceful life” delivered by Swami Sunil Das, Founder, Sneham Charitable Trust, Muthalamada, Palakkad.
  4. One day trip to Sivagiri Mutt, Trivandrum on 4th March 2017, a special lecture on History of Sree Narayana Guru and Services was delivered by Chairman of Sivagiri Ashram.
  5. Celebration of Sree Narayana Guru Mandiram on 12th March 2017 at SNGPC, a special lecture on Sree Narayana Guru: Life & Teachings was delivered by Swamy Narayana Dharmavrathan, Sivagiri Mutt.
  6. Sree Narayana Guru Endowment lecture and Valedictory Function was organized on 13th March 2017 at Vivekananda Hall, a special lecture on Sree Narayana Guru’s Teachings was delivered by Swami Narayana Dharmavrathan, Sivagiri Mutt.


 Students Welfare and Counselling Cell

Convener : Dr. I.Maria Yesuraja (Head & Associate Prof. of Social Work)          

Contact Number: 9944800192

Email id :

 Recent Activities:

  • The Inaugural function of the Students’ Welfare and Counselling Cell was held  on 30 th August 2017 at 1.30 p.m.                                   Dr. K V.Surendran, Principal presided over the programme. Ms.J.Agnes Fabilola, Counsellor from Seesha Hospital, was the guest.



  • Students Welfare and Counseling Cell Organized a Guest Lecture on Emotional Intelligence among Adolescents on 10.2016
  • SWCC Organized a Guest Lecture on “Awareness Generation against Drug Abuseon 10th March 2017.


Youth Red Cross

Convener:  Mr. A.H.Abdul Kather  (Asst. Prof. of Computer Science)

Contact number:   9952635599

Email id:
Activities (2016-17):

S. No Event (with title) Students Participated/topic Date Resource Person & Address
1.        Inauguration “Youth Social Service” 11.03.16 Mr.V.R.Nagarajan, NSS Programme Officer,SNGC.
2.        Seminar “Awareness on Blood donation” 04.08.16 Mr.M.Suresh Babu,Medical Officer,

Shanthi Social Service

3.        Blood Donation Camp 120 12.08.16 Dr.B.Srinivasan & Mr.M.Suresh Babu,Medical Officers, Shanthi Social Service
4.        Datri Stem cell Donor Registration camp 1200 01.09.16                      —
5.        WORLD AIDS DAY Understanding the stigma social faced by PLWHA 01.12.16 Mr.G.Vijayaragavan,

Head, Youth Leadership Programme Impact of HIV & Challenges faced by Young People

6.        Blood Donation Camp 107 15.02.17 Mr.M.Suresh Babu,Medical Officer, Shanthi Social Service
7.        Valediction Behaving  ethically – The tone at the top 09.03.17 Dr.P.Ponmeenakshi, Asst. Prof., SNGIMS


Book Club

Convener: Dr.A J Manju  (Head &  Asst. Prof. of English)

Contact number:9791375110  

Email id:
Activities (2016-17):
The Book Club was inaugurated on 7th August 2017. The resource person was Dr. V Moorty, Librarian,  Sree Krishna College  of Arts & Science Coimbatore. The Club organized an essay writing competition on 15-2-2017.  Students of various departments participated in the competition. The valedictory function of the Book Club was organized on 7-3-17.  Dr. K.V. Surendran , our principal delivered the valedictory address on the occasion.


 Citizen Consumer Club

Convener: Mr. M.Mahes Kumar (Asst. Prof. of Commerce)

Contact number:   9943491010

Email id:

Recent Activities:

Inaugural and Guest Lecture titled “Energy Conservation” on 21-09-2017, 10.30 AM. Chief Guest:  Shri.S.Senthil Kumar,BE., Executive Engineer/TANGEDO, Kuniamuthur, Coimbatore. 






S.No Name of the Programme Topic Date & Time Chief Guest

Designation and Address

1. Inauguration Role of Citizen Consumer Club 08.09.2016 Lr.K.N.Ponnussamy, BA,BL, Advocate, Coimbatore
2. Awareness programme Role of Alumni in creating awareness on consumer rights among rural people 31.12.2016 Dr.P.Jaya Kumar, Asso.Prof., SNGIMS
3. Awareness programme Awareness programme on weighing measurement and packaging commodity  14.02.2017 Shri.T.Murugesan, M.Sc., MLM, Inspector of Labour, Coimbatore District. & Dr.N.Pratheep Kumar, General Secretary, Tamilnadu Consumer Association, Coimbatore.
4. World Consumer Rights Day Awareness on what activities should done by BIS & Theme for World Consumer Rights Day 2017, ‘Building a Digital World Consumers can Trust’ 15.03.2017 Shri.V.Ramesh, Scientist-C, BIS, Coimbatore & Dr.N.Pratheep Kumar, General secretary, Tamilnadu Consumer Association, Coimbatore.


Entrepreneurship Development Cell

 Convener  :   Dr.M Geetha  (Head & Asst. Prof. of  Business Administration)

Recent Activities:

Inauguration  of  ‘WE – Women Entrepreneurs’ forum in Vivekananda Hall at 10.30 am on 05.01.2018. The guests were  Dr. R. Saravanan, Principal, SNGIMS, Dr. Rajkumari Jeevagan, Chairman, WE forum, Coimbatore Chapter, Ms. Devi janardhanan, Secretary, WE forum, Coimbatore Chapter.

Activities (2016-17):

Event :Inaugural function of Entrepreneurship Development Cell
Chief Guest Address : Mr. Arun Raaj Manick Raj,  Founder & CEO of ORENDA Social Enterprise.


Activities (2016-17):

  • Inauguration on the topic “Who can be an entrepreneur?” on 19.07.2016
  • One day training programme on handicraft for self-help group was organised on 28.01.2017
  • To develop the marketing skills of the students “Sale exhibition” was organised on 15.02.2017
  • Business Administration & Entrepreneurship Development Cell jointly conducted extension activity – One day training programme on “Employability Skills ” in Thudialur on 05.02.2017 for Women’s Self Help Group.       
  • Valedictory function with a Guest Lecture on “Tips to budding entrepreneurs” was organised on 06.03.2017.


Music Club

Convener                : Ms.D.Savithiri (Asst. Prof. of Mathematics)

Mobile No.              : 9500641170

E-mail id                   :

Activities (2016-17):

Music club was inaugurated by the Music director Mr. Suresh Subramaniyam. The club conducted a musical contest “Voice of 2017” in the month of February.The club valedictory note of Mr.Raman Kutty on 7th March 2017  .


Equal Opportunities Cell

Convener                : Dr.T.Dharmarajan (Asst. Prof. of Tamil)

Mobile No.              :9942280471

E-mail id                   :


  • Inauguration of Equal Opportunities Cell was held on 03/10/2016 at Vivekananda Hall presided by Dr.K.V.Surendran Principal,SNGC. The inaugural address was given by Mr.A.Alagarsamy Head, Dept.of Social Work, Sri Krishna Arts & Science college, Coimbatore.
  • Valedictory of Equal Opportunities Cell was held on 17/03/2017 at old library hall presided by Dr.K.V.Surendran,Principal,SNGC. The Valedictory address was given by Dr.G.P.Godhanavalli students and family counselor   & Social Worker  Coimbatore.


Human Rights Club

Convener                : Mr. V R Nagarajan (Asst. Prof. of Computer Science)                                                      

Mobile No.              :9080130405

E-mail id                   :

Recent Activities:
The Human Rights Cell of Sree Narayana Guru College organized the Inaugural Function of Human Rights Cell on 05.07.2017 at 2.00 p.m. in Seminar Hall. Dr. K.V. Surendran, Principal presided over the function. Mrs. M. Vennila, Former President of Women Advocates Association from Coimbatore was the Resource Person and delivered a guest lecture on, “Women’s Legal Rights”. The students were enlightened on the Legal Rights of Women by the interactive session of the resource person. Mr.VR.Nagarajan, Convener of Human Rights Cell, introduced the resource person and coordinated the programme. Mr.A.Bellaro John Regan, the member of Human Rights Cell, welcomed the gathering and Mr. S.Balaji, the member of Human Rights Cell, proposed the vote of thanks. More than 150 students participated in the programme.


S. No Event (with title) Students Participated/topic Date Venue Resource Person & Address
1.        Inauguration Consumer Address

Around 150 Students Participated

04/08/2016 Vivekananda Hall Lr. V. Pushpanatham, MA., BL.,


2.        Rights to Safety

Around 150 Students Participated

04/08/2016 Vivekananda Hall Lr. A. Velmurugan, M.Sc., BL.,


3.        International Human Rights Day Human Chain

Around 200 Students Participated

10/12/2016 College Campus Shri. M.P. Vijayan,

Treasurer, SNGET

4.        Seminar on

“Kalari” An Art of health and self defence for women

“Kalari” An Art of health and self defence for women

Around 100 Girls Student Participated.

31/01/2017 Vivekananda Hall Mr. C. Muralidharan,

C.V.N Kalari

Puthur, Palakkad.

5.        One Day

Blood Donation Camp

Around 150 Students Participated.

We have donated 107 units of blood to Santhi Social Service, Coimbatore.

15/02/2017 Old Library Hall Mr. M. Suresh BAbu, PRO,

Santhi Social Service, Coimbatore

6.        Valedictory Educational Rights of Woman

Around 70 Girls Student Participated.

10/03/2017 GS2 Lr. J. Arthurkumar, B.Sc., BL.,



Entry into services cell

Convener                : Dr.R.Priya (Head & Associate Prof. of Computer Science)                                                    

Mobile No.              :9894646291

E-mail id         
Recent Activities:

The Entry into Services Cell was organized its Inauguration programme on 20.09.2017 at 10:30 am at Vivekananda Hall. Chief Guest Ms. Lavanya Nair, Associate Head “SMART” Training Resource India Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore.

Activities (2016-17):

S. No Event Title Resource person with Designation and Address Date Venue
1 Inauguration Awareness on IAS Coaching classes Mr. T. Sampath Kumar

CEO, Success IAS Academy


18th August 2016 Vivekanandha Hall
2 Campaign Group – IV Exam Mr. T. Sampath Kumar

CEO, Success IAS Academy


September 2016  
3. Valedictory Current Opportunities Mr.P.Mayil Rajan MBA.,

Assistant Professor, SNGIMS, Coimbatore.

9th March 2017 Old Library Hall

 Road Safety Patrol Committee

Convener                : Dr.M.Thangavel ( Head & Prof. of Microbiology)                                                

Mobile No.              :9489591066

E-mail id         

Activities (2016-17):

Road Safety Patrol  Committee  was inaugurated by the Advocate Rajesh M.P.  on 06.10.2016. The committee conducted an awareness program on “Road Safety” on 28.12.2016 in the college campus by Mr.Ravi Kumar, Sub-Inspector of Police .

Literary Club

Convener: Dr M P Pavithra(Head i/c & Asst. Prof of Malayalam)

Contact Number: 9496839506

Email ID:

Recent Activities:

  • Literary Club and Book Club conducted Kaviarangu on 01.02.2018. The students took part eagerly and recited poems in Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi and English.


  • Inauguration of Literary Club & Book Club was held on 27th September, 2017 . A lecture on “Literature and Life” , was delivered by the Chief Guest-Mr.P.Mayil Rajan, Assistant Professor, SNGIMS.



Activities (2016-17):

  • Inauguration of Literary Club and a Guest Lecture named “Creativity in Literature” was held on 09/08/2016 at Seminar Hall by Mr.Mayilrajan (poet) Asst.Prof. SNGIMS, Coimbatore.
  • KAVIYARANGU (In Tamil, Hindi, English & Malayalam)on 15/02/2017 afternoon at GS8.
  • Poetry Competition (In Tamil, Hindi, English & Malayalam) was conducted on 15/02/2017 forenoon at GS8.
  • The Valedictory was held on 06/03/2017. Dr.K.V.Surendran presided over the function and delivered the Valedictory address. He also gave away the prizes to the winners of the poetry competition. A Kaviyarangu were conducted along with the function and the prize winners and other students recited own poems.




How to find us

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