Distance Education (BU)

School of Distance Education ( Bharathiar University):

Established Learner Support Centre, School of Distance Education, Bharathiar University and Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) Signed on 12-09-2018.

Study Centre Code: LSC103

School of Distance Educations Admissions for the academic year 2018 – 2019 is started for the following courses, 

UG Courses:
1. B. A. Education
2. Bachelor of Business Administration
3. B. B. A. Airline and Airport Management
4. B. Sc. Animation Game Design and Development
5. B. Com. Actuarial Science
6. B. B. A. Airport and Customer Care Management
7. B. A. Applied Tamil
8. B. Sc. Animation and VFX
9. B. Sc. Botany
10. Bachelor of Computer Application
11. B. Com. Computer Application
12. B. Sc. Costume Design & Fashion
13. B. Sc. Chemistry
14. B. Sc. Catering Science and Hotel Management
15. Bachelor of Commerce
16. B. Sc. Computer Science
17. B. Sc. Computer Technology
18. B. Com. Corporate Secretary ship
19. B. A. English Literature
20. B. B. A. Event Management and Public Relation
21. B. Sc. Geography
22. B. Sc. Hospitality Management
23. B. Sc. Interior Design
24. B. B. A. Hospital Management
25. B. Sc. Information Technology
26. B. B. A. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
27. B. Lit. Tamil
28. B. Sc. Mathematics
29. B. Sc. Multimedia and Web Technology
30. B. Sc. Optometric
31. B. A. Public Administration
32. B. Sc. Physics
33. B. Sc. International Shipping & Air – Cargo Logistics Management
34. B. B. A. Shipping and Port Management
35. B. B. A. Software System
36. Bachelor of Social Work
37. B. A. Tamil Literature
38. B. Sc. Visual Communication (Electronic Media)
39. B. A. Yoga for Human Excellence
40. B. Sc. Catering Science and Hospitality Management
41. B. Sc. Zoology

PG Courses:
1. M. Sc. Animation Game Design and Development
2. M. Sc. Applied Psychology
3. M. Sc. Animation and VFX
4. M. Sc. Bio – Informatics
5. M. Sc. Botany
6. M. Com. Computer Application
7. M. Sc. Costume Design & Fashion Technology
8. M. Sc. Chemistry
9. Master of Commerce
10. M. A. Criminology &Police Administration
11. M. Sc. Computer Science
12. M.A. Economics
13. M. Sc. E-Learning Technology
14. M. A. English Literature
15. M. Sc. Environmental Science
16. M. Sc. Geography
17. M. A. History
18. M. Sc. Information Technology
19. M. A. Journalism & Mass Communication
20. M. Sc. Mathematics
21. M. Sc. Applied Psychology (Military Stream)
22. M. Sc. Physics
23. M.A. Political Science& Public Administration
24. Master of Social Work
25. M. A. Sociology
26. M.A. Tamil
27. M. Sc. Visual Communications
28. M.A. Women Studies
29. M. A. Yoga for Human Excellence
30. M. Sc. Zoology

1. M.B.A. Airline and Airport Management
2. M.B.A. General
3. M.B.A. Advertising and Sales Promotion
4. M.B.A. Banking and Finance Management
5. M.B.A. Customer Relationship Management
6. M.B.A. Export Management
7. M.B.A. Entrepreneurship
8. M.B.A. Financial Management
9. M.B.A. Financial Services
10. M.B.A. Hospital Management
11. M.B.A. Human Resource Management
12. M.B.A. International Business
13. M.B.A. Investment Management
14. M.B.A. Information System Management
15. M.B.A. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
16. M.B.A. Marketing Management
17. M.B.A. Materials Management
18. M.B.A. International Shipping and Air-cargo Logistics Management
19. M.B.A. Project Management
20. M.B.A. Retail Management
21. M.B.A. Services Management
22. M.B.A. Shipping and Port Management
23. M.B.A. Software Testing and Quality Management
24. M.B.A. Tourism and Hotel Management
25. M.B.A. Technology Management
26. Master of Computer Applications
27. Master of Education
28. Bachelor of Education
29. Executive M.B.A
30. Five Year Integrated M.B.A
31. Bachelor of Library and Information Science

PG Diploma Courses:
1. P.G. Diploma in Advertising Management
2. P.G. Diploma in Advanced Networking
3. P.G. Diploma in Applied Tamil
4. P.G. Diploma in Office Automation
5. P.G. Diploma in Bio-Informatics
6. P.G. Diploma in Computer Applications
7. P.G. Diploma in Communicative English
8. P.G. Diploma in Counseling and Guidance
9. P.G. Diploma in E-Commerce
10. P.G. Diploma in Export Management
11. P.G. Diploma in Fitness Management
12. P.G. Diploma in International Business
13. P.G. Diploma Insurance Management
14. P.G. Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication
15. P.G. Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
16. P.G. Diploma in Management Accounting
17. P.G. Diploma in Microbial Bio-Technology
18. P.G. Diploma in Medical Transcription
19. P.G. Diploma in Public Accounting
20. P.G. Diploma in Portfolio Management
21. P.G. Diploma in Tax Procedure & Practices
22. P.G. Diploma in Warehousing and Inventory Management
23. P.G. Diploma in Web Services
24. P.G. Diploma in Yoga Education

Diploma Courses:
1. Diploma in Airline and Airport Management
2. Diploma in Ocean and Air Cargo Logistics Management
3. Diploma in Acupuncture Science
4. Diploma in Applied Tamil
5. Diploma in Animation and VFX
6. Diploma in Computerized Accounting
7. Diploma in Communicative English
8. Diploma in Catering Science and Hotel Management
9. Diploma in Air Cargo Logistics Management
10. Diploma in Company Secretarial Practices
11. Diploma in Catering Technology
12. Diploma in Epigraphy
13. Diploma in Exercise Therapy And Sports Rehabilitation
14. Diploma in Elementary Teacher Training
15. Diploma in Food and Beverage Production Management
16. Diploma in Food Production
17. Diploma in Front Office Management
18. Diploma in Fitness Management
19. Diploma in Hospital Records Management
20. Diploma in Interior Designing
21. Diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication
22. Diploma in Kitchen and Catering Operations
23. Diploma in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
24. Diploma in Labor Law
25. Diploma in Marketing Management
26. Diploma in Medical Transcription
27. Diploma in Police Administration
28. Diploma in Restaurant Service
29. Diploma in Industrial Safety and Mechanical Engineering
30. Diploma in Tamil Pulavar
31. Diploma in Tally Software
32. Diploma in Taxation
33. Diploma in Virtual Interactive Business Experiments System (VIBES)
34. Diploma in Warehousing and Inventory Management
35. Diploma in Yoga Education
36. Diploma in Yoga for Human Excellence
37. Diploma in Hospitality Management
38. Diploma in Yoga for Human Excellence (Part –Time)
39. B.Sc. Acupuncture

Certificate Courses:

1. Certificate Course in Acupuncture Science
2. Certificate Course in Basic Acupuncture Science
3. Certificate Course in Bharathiar Thoughts

Study Centre Code: LSC103



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