IIC Members

  • Dr. M. Ilangovan, Principal.
  • Dr. E.K. Girisan, IIC President.
  • Dr. M. Saravanan, IIC Vice President.
  • Dr. Rathi M.A, IIC Convenor & ARIIA Coordinator.
  • Dr. K. Narayanasamy, Startup Activity Coordinator.
  • Dr. S. Geethalakshmi, IPR Activity Coordinator.
  • Ms. G. Gnanamani, Innovation Activity.
  • Mr. B. Senthil Kumar, Social Media Coordinator.
  • Dr. P. Hariprasad, External Member.
  • Dr. D. Kalpana, Member.
  • Dr. D. Kalpana, Member.
  • Dr. S. Nisy, Member.
  • Dr. S. Sasi Rekha, Member.
  • Mrs. R. Joys Prathiba, Member.
  • Mr. M. Harikrishnan M, Student Member.
  • Mr. S. Sujeesh, Student Member.
  • Mr. S. Premraj, Student Member.


Recent Activities:

  • The Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) of our College observed the National Pollution Control Day 2021 through events like Pencil Sketching and Debates. The events were organised for the students to know about the environmental pollution and its disastrous consequences. The main objective was to educate students about the importance of pollution control act and making them aware about the causes of industrial disasters. The theme for this year theme was – The importance of pollution control measures and how to prevent pollution. Dr. M Ilangovan, Principal, presided over the function. Dr. E K Girisan, president of IIC coordinated the events. Debates were organised in three languages namely English, Tamil and Malayalam on the Topic – Does Industrialisation Impact our Environment? Pencil Sketching was on the topic – Pollution Day. Tamil debate was judged by Dr.T Dharmarajan, Associate Professor of Tamil, Malayalam debate was judged by Dr. M P Pavithra, HoD of Languages, English debate was judged by Dr. A.J. Manju, HoD of English and Pencil Sketching was judged by Dr. K Narayanasamy, HoD of Biochemistry. Dr. M A Rathi, Ms. Joys Prathibha and Ms. K Letha Assistant Professors of Biochemistry, English and Malayalam along with Mr. M Harikrishnan, II M.Sc Microbiology coordinated the events which were held on 02 December, 2021 in our campus. First year UG and PG students from various streams actively participated and the winners were selected.

  • Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) of Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore, organized a webinar on “My Story – Motivational Session by Successful Innovator”. Dr. Hariprasad P, Assistant Manager, Quality Assurance and Head – Water Quality Division at Suguna Foods, Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore served as the storyteller. He motivated the student community and faculty members with his story and experience faced by him to become a successful innovator. Dr.M.Ilangovan, Principal, presided over the function. Dr.E.K.Girisan, President of IIC coordinated the programme, Dr.M.Saravanan welcomed the gathering, Dr. S Geethalakshmi, introduced the resource person, Ms. G. Gnanamani delivered the vote of thanks. Mr. M. Harikrishnan, Student Council Chairman & IIC student member moderated the programme.

  • SNGC IIC coordinators and members meeting on 25-10-2021, 11 30 AM chaired by Principal. Venue: Board Room.
    1. Planning for the academic year 2021-22
    2. Preparation for Quarter 1 (Q1) activities.
    3. Induction of student members.
    4. Review of last year activities.
    5. Other IIC matters permitted by the chair.

  • Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) of SNGC organized an National Level Webinar on “Innovative Technological Advances in Smart Agriculture” on 08.06.2021 at 12 PM through Google Meet App. Dr. Parul Aggarwal, Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, School of Engineering Sciences and Technology, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, was the Resource Person and explained about Industrial Revolutions: Its impact on Agriculture, Challenges faced by Agriculture Sector, IoT and Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture, Smart farming cycle, Precision Agriculture, Crop Monitoring, Agriculture Drones and Robots, Blockchain Technology in Agriculture.

  • Institution’s Innovation Council & Departments of Commerce IB & CA jointly organized a Session on Business Model on Thursday, the 29th April 2021 at 11:00 am through Google Meet. The Resource Person was Dr Binu Jacob, CEO – Kapikapa Trading, Kerala. He said business model is a shared language for describing, visualizing, assessing and changing business models. He added that Business Model describes the rationale of how an organization creates, delivers and captures value.He also empha sized that using the Business Model will lead to insights about the customers you serve, what value propositions are offered through what channels, and how your company makes money. It can also be used to understand your own business model or that of a competitor.

  • The Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) of our College organised a State-Level webinar on “Critical Thinking and Innovation Design” on 19.12.2020, 11:30AM IST. Google meet was the platform for the webinar. Dr. M Ilangovan, Principal presided over the programme. Dr. S P Suriyaraj, Scientific Officer in Nanobiotechnology, PSG – STEP, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore was the resource person who enlightened the participants with his insights on innovation in Nanobiotechnology. He highlighted the various models for water purification; one such model was Nano-particles impregnated on activated carbon. He also gave insights on idea creation leading to design and prototyping. He also elaborated on the innovative design in the treatments of effluents and also the various funding agencies such as the Flagship scheme of Tamil Nadu to support research and innovation that could support once the design and prototype are approved. Thrust areas in the field of Bio-Nano Facilities were emphasised in his talk.

  • The Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) and Computer Literacy Cell of SNGC organized a International Level Webinar on “Penning Empirical Researches in Education: Challenges and Opportunities in Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Era” on 02.12.2020 at 12:00 Noon through Google Meet App. Dr. Jestoni P. Carpio, Department of Education, Philippines, was the Resource Person and explained about Empirical Research, Types of Research, General Characteristics of Empirical Research, Basic Process of Empirical Research, Research in education after pandemic era, 21st Century Skills and ICT Integration in Instruction and Assessment, Emerging urgent Issues and Concerns affecting teaching and learning, Evaluating Materials, Right Literature Sources and Purpose of Empirical Research

  • SNGC Institution’s Innovation Council is organizing an awareness program with regard to KAPILA – Kalam Program for IP Literacy and Awareness to encourage students, faculty to write case studies/articles regarding Innovation & Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurial culture. Best articles will be rewarded and e-certificate will be provided to all the participants.

  • Institution’s Innovation Council organized a Student Enrichment Program on “Innovation and Agility”” on Friday, the 27th November 2020 at 02.30 pm through Google Meet Platform. The Resource Person was Mr Mohit Saboo, Distributor – Garments, Kerala. He emphasized that Agility is the key to innovation and rapid adaptability – it acts as a catalyst in innovation processes. He illustrated that by using agile methods in innovation management, changes can be anticipated at a very early stage and successful products can be brought to market faster and with high quality. He also briefed that Innovation doesn’t come about simply through continuous improvement. Rather, innovation is generated when the norm is shaken up, and the status quo vastly and rapidly improved. Some companies attempt to transform themselves by turning to global consultants for an off-the-shelf technology upgrade, while others will acquire businesses in order to ascertain their knowledge and culture. Therefore, adopting an agile approach and mindset provides a foundation that enables a business to react quickly and flexibly to a new trend or situation, and to keep innovating in the process.

  • Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), SREE NARAYANA GURU COLLEGE organizes INNOVATION IDEA CONTEST for UG/PG students.
    IIC Innovation IDEA ? Contest:
    The Innovation Contest is going to provide 360-degree cycle of learning and understanding the process of innovation and start-up. It is designed in a way that, each team will traverse a path from problem identification and ideation to building business model and finally entering the phase of Enterprise development.
    Student Team Size & Eligibility:
    * Students studying from UG to PhD are eligible to participate.
    *Each team can have a maximum of 10 members.
    * Participation of female members are encouraged.
    List of Themes :
    Student Ideas/PoCs/Prototypes/innovation on the following themes are invited to submit.
    1. Healthcare & Biomedical devices.
    2. Agriculture & Rural Development.
    3. Smart Vehicles/ Electric vehicle/ Electric vehicle motor and battery technology.
    4. Food Processing.
    5. Robotics and Drones.
    6. Waste management.
    7. Clean & Potable water.
    8. Renewable and affordable Energy.
    9. IoT based technologies (e.g. Security & Surveillance systems etc.)
    10. ICT, cyber-physical systems, Blockchain, Cognitive computing, Cloud computing, AI & ML.
    11. Other emerging areas of Innovation and Startup opportunity.
    How to submit the Idea?
    *Student teams can submit their ideas through the following link
    Each student team can submit multiple Ideas/Prototypes upto a maximum 5 numbers.
    Deadline for submission
    Last date for submission of the ideas is 10th December 2020.
    Sree Narayana Guru College organises an Awareness Programme on Instituition’s Innovation Council (IIC)
    on Friday, 6th November, 2020 between 02:30 PM and 03:40 PM.

    Welcome Address: Dr M Ilangovan, Principal.

    Session I: Design Thinking, 02:35 to 02:50 PM
    Mr E K Girisan

    Session II: Pre-Incubations & Management, 02:50 to 03:05PM
    Dr A Vijaya Chitra

    Session III: IPR & Technology Transfer, 03:05 to 03:20 PM
    Dr S Geethalakshmi

    Session IV: Entrepreneurship Development Program, 03:20 to 03:35 PM
    Dr M A Rathi
    Link: meet.google.com/uuw-yned-pbr

  • Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC) of Sree Narayana Guru College organised a Webinar on 27.07.2020 at 02:30PM, IST. Resource Person: Dr. S P Suriyaraj, Scientific Officer in Nanobiotechnology, PSG-STEP, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore. Fourty four persons from Academia and Industry had registered for the event in which thirty seven actively participated. The speaker elaborated upon the Entrepreneurship and Start-Up opportunities in the Nanobiotechnology sector. He emphasized the various funding opportunities by DST such as EIR, PRAYAS, and SEED. Question and Answer session was followed after the resource person’s address. Dr K Narayanasamy, HoD, Biochemistry welcomed the resource person and participants. Mr E K Girisan, HoD, Computer Applications, proposed the Vote of Thanks. Dr. A Vijaya Chitra, Associate Prof., Microbiology moderated the program.

  • The Institution Innovation Cell (IIC) and Entrepreneur Development Cell (EDC) of our college jointly organized a Field visit for our students to Aditya Areca leaf manufacturing unit on 25-01-2020. Thirty six prospective entrepreneurs got benefitted out of the visit.

  • Demo Day- A display of Biobubbles(Phenyl- Germ Blaster, Floor Cleaner – Biozol, Car wash – Biowash, Handwash – Biotwink, Liquid Detergent – Super Splash) manufactured by members of Start up, Deparment of Biochemistry on 23-01-2020.

  • SNGC IIC coordinators meeting on “Action plan for the MHRDs IIC activity” on 11-01-2020, 3 PM chaired by Principal. Venue: Board Room.

  • The Institution’s Innovation Council, an initiative of MHRD of Sree Narayana Guru College organized an Entrepreneurship Talk on 09-01-2020. Resource Person: Ms. Bharathi Aruchamy, Managing Director, Jai Nidhi Automation, Coimbatore. The guest gave a motivational talk and urged the students to inculcate several qualities like willpower, perseverance, self confidence and curiosity to learn new things.


How to find us

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Email : sngc@snget.org,
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