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Current Issue
Volume – 1 Issue -1 June-December 2016

1. Analysis of the Relationship Between Protein Content and Growth, Yield and Disease Resistance of Tomato

Subha Priya, V and Mufeedha, K
PG and Research Department of Biotechnology, Sree Narayana Guru College, K.G.Chavadi, Coimbatore

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2. Phytochemical Screening and Antimicrobial Studies in Leaf Extract of Euphorbia MILII

Flory Shobana M and Vinusha, C
PG and Research Department of Biotechnology, Sree Narayana Guru College,K.G.Chavadi, Coimbatore.
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3. HPTLC Analysis of the Different Phytochemical Fractions of Clitoria Ternatea Leaves
Merlyn J, Yamuna, S T1 and Padma, P K2
1PG and Research Department of Biotechnology, Sree Narayana Guru College, K.G.Chavadi, Coimbatore
2Department of Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Avinashilingam University, Coimbatore.

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4. Degradation Of Heavy Metals By Serratiamarcescens

Thangavel M and Dhanya K G
Department of Microbiology, Sree Narayana Guru College, K.G.Chavadi, Coimbatore

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5. Antioxidant Activity Of Stem Bark Extract Of Zanthoxylum Tetraspermum W.A. Against MNU Induced Breast Carcinoma In Mice

Narayanasamy  K1 and Ragavan  B2
1Department of Biochemistry, Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore
2Department of Biochemistry, PSG College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore

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6. Query Weighting With TW-k Means Clustering And Mind Map Process For Web Data
Ramesh Kumar B and Prasidh M A
Department of Computer Science, Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore

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7. A Study About The Role Of Kudumbshree Unit In The Empowerment Of Women In Pothukallu Grama Panchayath In Malapuram District, Kerala.

Bhuvaneswari S
PG & Research Department of Commerce, Sree Narayana Guru College, Coimbatore

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8. An Overview Of Content Writing
Vinothamalar A
Department of English, Sree Narayana Guru College, K.G.Chavadi, Coimbatore

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9. Subtle Villains in Literature
Kavitha, R
Department of English, Sree Narayana Guru College, K.G.Chavadi, Coimbatore

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Guidelines to Authors

Manuscript Submission:
Prepare the manuscript in English using MS Word. Font size for all text should be 12,  Times New Roman, page size should be A4. Title should be in bold & upper case. Subtitle should be in bold & sentence case. Standard International Units should be used. All pages should be numbered. Manuscript should be started from title page and the content should be arranged as- Title, Abstract, Introduction, Materials & Method, Results & Discussion, Conclusion, Acknowledgement, References. Figures & Tables should be in appropriate position. 

  • Title: The title must be as brief as possible, comprehensive, and descriptive. Each author must provide their full name including forename & surname followed by their address. The corresponding author must be marked with an asterisk and should be listed first. In addition, corresponding author must include phone/fax no, email address at the bottom left corner of title page. If any of co-authors are from different organizations, their address too should be mentioned and indicated by numbers after their names.
  • Abstract: Abstract should start after the title and should present the reason of study, main findings, and principal conclusion. It should not be more than 300 words. Keywords: Author should include 3-6 keywords after Abstract.
  • Introduction: It should be after Abstract. It will introduce the topic. Give information on the objective of the investigation/work.
  • Materials & Method: Give clear information about materials & method used for the study.
  • Results & Discussion: The results should be precise with discussion.
  • Conclusion: Based on the result observed, write conclusion.
  • Acknowledgement: All acknowledgements should be written in one paragraph after conclusion.
  • References: Should be numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text (not in alphabetic order). Identify references in text, tables and legends by Arabic numerals in superscript. References cited only in tables or figure legends should be numbered in accordance with the sequence established by the first identification in the text of the particular table or figure.
    • Journal Articles: Suriya S, Rohith S and Tharun A: In-vitro evaluation of antimalarial activity of leaves of Asparagus racemosus . International Research Journal of Science Archieves 2014: 1:67-71.
    • A Book: Suriya S: A Text Book of Industrial Pharmacognosy. CBS Publishers & Distributors, First Edition 2005.
    • A Chapter in a Book: Rohith S: Indian Materia Medica. Popular Prakashan, Mumbai, Edition 3, Vol. I, 2000: 242- 246.
  • Illustrations: All the tables and figures should be in the text at suitable place. Only MS word table format should be used for preparing tables. Tables should show lines separating rows but not those separating columns. Tables should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and bear a brief title in capital letters normal face. Tables should not be very large that they run more than one A4 sized page.
  • Review Article: For review article, subtitle can be customized. A review article should provide synthetic and critical analysis of a relevant area and should not merely chronological description of the literature.
  • Short Communications: A short communication is report on a single subject which should be concise and definitive. For short communications, subtitle can be customized and page should not exceed three.
  • Conceptual Article: A conceptual article is the presentation of ideas, theories & views. In a conceptual article, subtitle can be customized and page should not exceed three.

Name your file with title of manuscript and write the title as subject when you will send the manuscript through email.Authors are requested to send their research articles strictly according to the given format mentioned in the guidelines to the authors. 

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