Research Details 2021 2022

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Research Details 2020 2021
2.4.2 Number of full-time teachers with Ph. D. / D.M. / M.Ch. / D.N.B Superspeciality / D.Sc. / D.Litt. during the year (consider only highest degree for the count)
3.1.2 Number  of teachers recognized as research guides (latest completed academic year)
3.3.1 Number of Ph. Ds registered per eligible teacher during the year
Name of a full-time teacher with Ph.D./D.M/M.Ch./D.N.B Superspeciality/D.Sc./D’Lit.  Qualification (Ph.D./D.M/M.Ch./D.N.B Superspeciality/D.Sc./D’Lit. ) and Year of obtaining  Whether recognized as a research Guide for Ph.D./D.M/M.Ch./D.N.B Superspeciality/D.Sc./D’Lit.  Year of Recognition as Research Guide Is the teacher still serving the institution/If not last year of the service of Faculty to the Institution Name of the scholar Year of registration of the scholar Title of the thesis for scholar
Dr. K.Narayanasamy PhD, 2017 Yes, PhD 2018 Yes SEENA. P 2019 ***
Dr. Nirmala Devi N PhD, 2017 Yes, PhD 2018 Yes ARIFA. P.P 2019 ***
Dr. Rathi M.A PhD, 2011 Yes, PhD 2012 Yes HASEERA. N, Shalet Varghese 2019 ***
Dr. S. Geethalakshmi Ph.D., 2015 Yes, PhD 2016 Yes Mr. Babu Madhan Jan-20 To be decided
Dr. P. Prakash PhD, 2016 Yes, PhD 2020 No Nil Nil Nil
Dr.Sasirekha.S Ph.D, 2018 Yes, PhD 2020 YES Kanagaraj.R Jan-20 Not yet Finalised
Yes, PhD Abdul Jaleel.E.T Jan-20 Not yet Finalised
Dr. P. Kannan PhD, 2010 Yes, PhD 2011 yes BIJINA C K 2021  
Dr.R.SathyaDevi PhD, 2015 Yes, PhD 2010 Yes Jayapriya CK July. 2019 Not yet decided
          RAHUL RAJ OCT, 2020 Not yet decided
Dr.K.Lakshmipriya PhD, 2011 Yes, PhD 2013 Yes Ashika T.N Jan-21 Not Yet decided
          Vrindha A Oct-19 A comparitive study on Occupational stress among Women employees in SBI and ICICI bank with Special reference to Palakkad District
          Shafeeq Ajmal PT 011-07-2019 A study on financial literacy and financial inclusion among BPL families with special reference to Malapuram District.
          Sanoob C 7/1/2019 A study on Neuro marketing influence on purchasding behaviour of customer, special reference to Malapuram District.
          Sabitha R 7/1/2019 Public Perspective towards Goods and Service tax with special reference to Palakkad District.
          Vishnu Oct-19 Not yet decided
Dr.M.Saravanan Ph.D, 2013     Yes      
Dr. R.Priya Ph.D. 8/10/2015 Yes, PhD 6/16/2017 Yes Sulfath P M 2018 Undergoing
          Darsana K Gopidas 2018 Undergoing
          Praveen S 2018 Undergoing
          Amrita Priya K 2018 Undergoing
          Ganeshmoorthy S 2018 Undergoing
          Anitha P 2020 Undergoing
Dr.A.J.Manju Ph.D, 2015 Yes, PhD 2019 yes Nil Nil NIl
Dr.M.P.Pavithra Ph.D,2017 Nil   yes      
Dr.S.S.Resmi Ph.D,2014 Yes, PhD 2019 yes      
Dr.T.Dharmarajan Ph.D,2006 Yes, PhD 2011 yes      
Dr.C.Sujatha Preeth Ph.D,2016 Yes, PhD 2019 yes      
Dr.M.Thangavel Ph.D-2008 Yes, PhD 2008 yes
Dr.Vinoth Kumar.V Ph.D-2019 Yes, PhD 2019 yes
Dr.A.Vijaya Chitra Ph.D-2012 Yes, PhD 2012 yes Kavitha.M.B 2021 Assesment of water quality
Dr.T.R.Juby Ph.D, 2019 yes
Dr.G.Geetha Ph.D, 2017 yes
Dr.G.K.Sellakumar PhD, 2010 No No Yes —— —– —–
Dr.I.Maria Yesuraja Ph.D, 2012 Yes, PhD 08.01.2014 Yes T.S.Harishkumar 2021 Yet to be decided
          Riju Varghese John 2021 Yet to be decided
Dr. P. Sankar Ph.D – 2020 Ph.D 2021 Yes


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